Our bakery takes its roots from year 1998. From the very beginning we draw ourselves the goal of providing our customers only the highest quality products that would remind our customers traditional home backed products. In our production we use hand work which allows our products to taste and look like a homemade products.

While expanding our business and taking into account the changing needs of our customers we decided to introduce some unique products created by combining gained knowledge of our workers and traditional recipe. Growing interest in our products showed us that it is time to expand the production. We decided to implement newest production equipment and production processes that allowed us to build completely new facility able to satisfy all needs.

At this point our product range has over 50 different products that are changed from time to time in order to keep menu fresh. Our products got very high recommendations and were valued by experts form Lithuania, Germany, Russia and France with whom we often collaborate in order to make our products better and better.

We promise to continue our goal in providing highest quality products made only from natural ingredients to satisfy our customers.